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Licensing Summary:
- Licenses are per customer solution, per server, per domain, with unlimited instances per customer solution. EVEN if it is one base URL with many customers, customer solutions, paid browser logins, you need more licenses. IN SHORT: If multiple people pay you for a Web-based service that our tools is a part of, then you need multiple licenses! It is a very simple business principle, if you get paid we get paid. For bulk buy, larger companies with many servers, non-standard, larger-scale licenses click here. For a basic OEM scenario scroll down.
- Developer servers don't matter, since you aren't actually using the tag as part of an internal or customer solution.
- Your company counts as a customer solution, so, if you use it in-house for your intranet you need another license to use it for a customer, in their intranet, Web site, etc.

Licensing full details

Licensing scenarios that all require ten licenses:

    - 10 servers
    - 1 domain
    - Usage: Your corporate Intranet for employees to manage stuff.

    - 1 server
    - 1 domain
    - Usage: Ten customers log into your site, for a fee or just a value-add, to manage their accounts.

    - 1 server
    - 10 domains
    - Usage: Only one customer logs in, or you only use it for your Intranet or Web site.

I still don't get it. Click here for a questionnaire to send to sales so they can help me figure this out.

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