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About Code Reviews

Code Reviews are a great way to improve both your software and your developers.

Traditionally code reviews or peer reviews take place in a regular basis, once a week for instance. Developers swap code they produced during the week and go through a checklist to look for bugs security problems, performance issues, adherence to coding standards, and other issues. The developer then creates a report and goes over what he or she has found in the peer's code. This process allows the developers to learn the tricks other developers have attained over the years.

Traditional code reviews certainly do a lot to improve the quality of the software developed, and the developers themselves, but they certainly also take quite a bit of time. Many of the issues can be easily picked up by an automated code review tool such as CFDEV's tool for reviewing ColdFusion (CFML) code. CFDEV's tool also allows you to easily write your own rules most rules can be written in just 4 lines of CFML code. In addition each issue the reviewer find has an associated document explaining why, and how to fix the issue.

While automated code review tools can cut down the time it takes to review code, there are certain tasks that an automated tool just can't do, such as algorithm design, or logic issues. To get the full benefits of code reviews you should still involve the human eye.

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