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CFINCLUDE Unix Compatibility
The template path in CFINCLUDE is case sensitive on unix.

Type: portability
Severity: (3)

Incorrect example
<cfinclude template="/codereview/viewcfm/id/cfincludeunixcompat/CaSEMAttersOnUNIX.html">


<cfinclude template="/codereview/viewcfm/id/cfincludeunixcompat/CaseMattersOnUnix.html">

The template path in the cfinclude tag is case sensitive on UNIX operatinig systems such as Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX. If you want your applications to run easily on other platforms you should pay close attention to the template case. Your best bet is to pick a file naming standard and adhear to it, such as all lower case, upper camel case, or lower camel case. All lower case is the easiest to stick with.

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