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CFINCLUDE Template does not exists
The template in the CFINCLUDE or CFERROR tag does not exist.

Type: bugprone
Severity: (4)

Incorrect example
<cfinclude template="/codereview/viewcfm/id/file/does/not/exist.html">


<cfinclude template="/codereview/viewcfm/id/file/does/exist.html">

If a file was renamed, or moved it is sometimes difficult to find all references to the file, especially if a file is included only under special cases. The automated code review tool will find these instances, and make it easy to fix.

The automated code review tool will not be able to tell if the file exists if the template path has a variable in it, for example:

<cfinclude template="/codereview/viewcfm/id/templatefileexists/index.html">

In such cases the tag will be skipped by the tool.

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