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CFDEV Launches User Group Initiative
January 4, 2002

ActivSoftware is available for solution developers using ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, PHP, Java (soon) with even more options in FY 2002. ActivSoftware launched a new initiative this week for Web development user groups via  The company will sponsor the groups, provide presentations available via download or in person, and offer special licensing arrangements in an attempt to provide a means through which everybody benefits. Firstly, the user group receives a free, enterprise-level, ActivEdit license for use in the User Group (UG) Web site. Secondly, UG Managers and active members* receive two free commercial-use licenses, and lastly, all UG active members* receive special license discounts. Additional giveaways and special licensing arrangements will be announced mid-year FY 2002.  

ActivSoftware, via, will issue usernames and passwords for UG Managers to access the special arrangements.

The company encourages user group managers to sign up so that they, their UG Web site, their clients, their members and their members clients will benefit from this offer.


*Â’Active MembersÂ’ are approved by the UG Manager.

Contact: Rob Thrasher - [email protected] - [email protected]
   800-791-1916 ext 105

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