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ColdFusion CFMAIL Replacement Released
May 2, 2002

ActivMail version 1.3 was released this week by  ActivMail is a ColdFusion CFX Tag written in Java, that sends email quickly and reliably. The new version offers several performance enhancements and feature additions. 

ActivMail now also comes with a ColdFusion Custom Tag called CF_MAIL, which works very similar to ColdFusion’s native CFMAIL tag.  The CF_MAIL tag allows developers to send personalized messages from a Query, as well as sending multi-part emails that contain both HTML and Plain Text.

ActivMail’s biggest performance feature is the ability to load balance between multiple SMTP servers.  “The feature was added to improve fail over, and speed for our customers that were using the tag to send literally millions of emails every day” explains Pete Freitag, the lead architect for ActivMail.

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