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ActivSoftware Releases Spell Checking Web Service
February 23, 2004

ActivSoftware has released a web service server for its popular server side spell checker software – ActivSpell. The Server includes code for the spell checkers front-end web service consumer written in ASP.NET. Since the Server exposes its methods as a web service the front-end client could be written in any language that supports web services.

ActivSpell allows a web developer to add spell checking to a web form, simply by adding a spell check button, and calling a JavaScript function. ActivSpell then invokes a server component to check the spelling. In previous versions the spell checking component shared a runtime with the web application server – however with the web services server you can have a separate server, or multiple servers responsible for spell checking.

ActivSoftware’s CTO – Pete Freitag explained the decision to use web services: “We looked at a lot of options before choosing a service oriented architecture. In the end web services proved to be both the easiest to implement as well as the most scalable and interoperable solution. Several of these benefits can be attributed to leveraging the industry standard Apache Axis web services API.”

Currently ASP.NET is the only front end provided with the server, however the company will provide other front ends based on demand. Object based versions of the spell checker have been available for ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, and JSP application servers for over three years.

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