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The ColdFusion MX Un-Documentation

ColdFusion's Move to java has opened up a host of new possibilities, several of these possibilities are not documented.

Because all variables in ColdFusion are now Java Objects, we can use Java Reflection to find out hidden methods or functions.

Should I use these un-documentated features?
Not without careful consideration, and testing. Because these features are not documented by Macromedia, they may not be there in a future release. Also these features will only work on ColdFusion MX.

How Did we find these features?

We wrote a Java Class that will basically turn a java.lang.Class into a string representation of the class interface with Java Reflection, click to get source code.

Just compile the class and put the .class file in CFusionMX/wwwroot/WEB-INF/classes
Restart CFMX

Then you can get class info in CFMX code...
<cfset viewer = CreateObject("java", "ClassViewer")>
<cfset struct = StructNew()>

Or view by class name


Did you find an undocumented feature?
Let me know, and we will post it along with your name.
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