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The worlds first Email Application Server - XMS

The fastest way to build and deploy powerful email applications


PerformanceHigh Performance SMTP Mail Server

XMS is one the of fastest SMTP email servers on the market. XMS is 100% stream based and asynchronous, and it can run as a 64 bit application.

BounceRealtime Bounce Processing

React to bounced emails immediately!

DeliverabilityIncrease Email Deliverability

Are you losing money because your customers aren't getting your email?

PersonalizationEasily Create Personalized Database Driven Email

Having trouble creating personalized or transactional email?

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What is an Email Application Server?

An email application server (or an EAS) gives you the tools to easily build dynamic email applications. Similar to web applications, email applications can be database driven, or event driven.

What is an Email Application?

Email Applications can be as simple as an application that sends a monthly newsletter, and as complicated as an ecommerce data minining application that sends email based on several variables.

What about SMTP?

In addition to providing an email application runtime, XMS is also an RFC compliant high performance SMTP server or message transfer agent (MTA).

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