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CF_MailParam Tag Reference

NOTE: This tag is here for easy migration from ColdFusion's <cfmailparam> tag. Consider using ActivMail's <CF_MailHeader> and <CF_MailAttachment> tags instead.

Use this tag to add custom mail headers or attach a file to a message sent with the CF_Mail Tag. This tag is a child tag of CF_Mail so it must be inside its tag body.

See Also: <CF_Mail>, <CF_MailHeader> and <CF_MailAttachment>

Common Attributes

Attribute Name Required Data Type Notes
NAME no string The name of the header
VALUE no String The value of the header. Should not have multiple lines, and should not use the characters : or |
FILE no file The path to a file to attach


Adding a custom header

   TO="[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]"
   FROM="Billy Jones <[email protected]>"
   SUBJECT="Billy's got a new cow">

I got a new cow

    <cf_mailparam name="X-Mailer" value="Billys Mail Server Farm">


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