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Partnering with ActivSoftware is good for business. As a partner you will receive a wealth of benefits including:

 Demonstration Software: All ActivSoftware Resellers receive free demonstration software, enabling your sales and marketing staff to demonstrate ActivSoftware products more effectively.

 Evaluation Software: Our fully functional evaluation software enables your customers to experience the benefits of orunning our product in their own environment.

 Demand Creation: We help you grow your business by assisting you in building a marketing presence at industry seminars and trade shows, as well as cooperating in your ActivSoftware-related direct mail and press release activities.

 Secure Partner Web Site: Our secure Web site, designed specifically for ActivSoftware Channel Partners, provides you with instant online access to such up-to-date ActivSoftware information as company and product presentations, sales tools, and competitive analyses.

 Partner Solutions: You can also access the documentation and integrated solutions developed by ActivSoftware's Technology Alliances.

 Dedicated Resources: A solid relationship is based on a solid beginning. ActivSoftware's Partner Sales Enablement team act as your dedicated training resource to get you up and running quickly. As our partnership continues, ActivSoftware Market Development Managers work with you to build joint marketing plans, assist with your ActivSoftware-related marketing events, and show you how to take advantage of ActivSoftware marketing tools and programs.

 Partner Events: ActivSoftware sponsors a number of conferences around the world where you can meet with ActivSoftware sales, technology and marketing executives to learn about the latest product strategies. We also plan to hold an annual Users' Group meeting, where partners and users can interact to learn more about application requirements, innovative product usage and complementary technology solutions.
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